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Company foundation

The Farzanegan Caspian was founded in 2005 by Keyvan Rastegar. Keyvan graduated in electrical engineering, then He continued his education in MBA, and his research interests are including management, trade, as well as business topics. Accordingly, various kinds of electrical projects were implemented in this firm under the supervision of him over this period. What is more, he has led the company in the direction of business development and marketing.

Caspian Sea and the Hyrcanian forests

Location and community

Keyvan was born in an area with a privileged agricultural position, Mazandaran province, located in northern Iran. The corporation is located amongst the Caspian Sea and the Hyrcanian forests.

Owing to the fact that working on the agricultural conversion and complementary industries appealed to the managers of this company. Plus, they tended to create value-added for the beneficiaries in this area.

In the Hyrcanian forests, which were registered as world heritage on UNESCO’s website, we can find tons of fruitsvegetables, and mushrooms that are 100% organic and free of toxins or chemical fertilizers.

foodslord.com-Hyrcanian forests

Hyrcanian forests are the remnant of forests belonging to the third geological period (Jurassic or the era of dinosaurs), and roughly 2 million hectares of these forests are located in Iran, which are distributing in 5 provinces such as Gilan, Golestan, Mazandaran, North Khorasan, and Semnan.

Hyrcanian forests are called living fossils or natural museums thanks to many plant species locating in these forests and recognizing as fossils in Europe.

One of our company’s product development programs is to share the sense of using the true taste of nature and the real organic product with others.

foodslord-Resources and technology

Resources and technology

We will try to use raw materials (different types of fruits and vegetables) native of Iran to produce dried fruitsvegetablesdried plantsnutsfruit’s kinds of vinegar, so on and so forth. Iran is a country with four seasons, and out of 11 known climates in the world, there are nine climates in Iran. In addition, we will use the native fruits of other countries to produce more products.

Production of dried fruits and plants in our corporation uses dehydrated fruit drying machines. We will not use unauthorized foreign additives. To add, producing vinegar in our firm pertains to the fermentation approach of fresh fruit.

We use a suitable fridge to store our merchandise, and also we distribute them in forms of nanotechnology packaging as an offspring of maintaining the freshness and durability of them.

Our brand

Owing to the fact that our field of activity is the food industry, plus the natural origin of raw materials plays a significant role for us, we have been using the name “Food Lord“, meaning the God of food.

Our mission

Our mission is to create value-added for agricultural commodities as well as to help farmers grow up and all beneficiaries in the farming conversion industry. We will strive to build a better life for ourselves, our staff, and all heirs.


We will promote safe foods and move towards using healthy foods to create a healthier society with the slogan “The Nature Taste” This is not just a slogan for us; this matter is institutionalized in us and committed to it.

Company people and staff

More than half of the company’s staff are women. We have developed flexible policies for women working in the company inasmuch as they can move towards social development and support their families. Besides, we have accepted this as our social responsibility.