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Best dried fruit for having healthy skin and hair

Maintaining perfect skin & hair is a bigger concern than ever before. People have started to be more conscious about what they eat or apply to their skin or hair nowadays. It’s necessary to take care of your skin & hair health because they enhance the beauty of you. Special diets have been started by experts just to make the food items work for the skin & hair. Dry fruit have various properties and considered as a healthy snack so should be added to your diet plans. So here are best dry fruit for having healthy skin and hair.

Adding some dry fruit to your diet can work wonders for you as it’s easy to munch on them and can be found easily.

Best Dry Fruit for Skin health


Dates are an excellent source of Vitamin C & D, which helps in maintaining and improving the skin’s elasticity. Dates are very rich in antioxidant that prevents any cell damage. They work perfectly to give you a smoother & softer skin feel. It’s also a great snack for helping your skin to hydrate as it has the ability to retain the moisture level.  Eating dates can also help your skin to reduce acne scars and stretch marks. Just apply a mixture of dates and honey to the acne zone skin & stretch marks. 


Walnuts are considered to be one of the most effective dry fruit when you want flawless skin. It may taste a little bitter when compared with other dry fruit but its properties are better than any other dry fruit. Walnuts are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that are a gift by omega 3 fatty acids. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, walnut becomes a top-most munching snack when you want to boost up your skin. It can boost up vitamin B that also helps in keeping age-related fine lines and wrinkles at check always. - Best Dry Fruits for Skin health


Cashews works like a charm on the skin. They are known to be acne-fighting nutrients as these nuts are high in selenium that works as an antioxidant with Vitamin E. Due to this, the skin is always hydrated and cell growth is quick which works like a charm at acne-prone zone on your skin. So make sure you munch onto a handful of cashews to get that flawless skin.

Dried figs

Dried figs are known for their properties to keep your skin healthy & shining. They are a good source of water, which keeps your skin hydrated, and you can also apply the mixture on your face for the hydration. It not only hydrates the skin but also tightens the pores. It is a great source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which provides enzymatic-exfoliating properties for your skin.

Best Dry Fruit for your Hair health


Dates contain Vitamin B, which your hair needs for keeping them healthy & soft. It promotes blood circulation to the scalp and helps in promoting hair growth. Consuming dates can help your hair with sufficient nutrients to keep follicles & strands healthy & strong. You can use dates oil for massaging onto your scalp to reap the nutrients for longer, stronger & thicker hair. 

Dried Figs

Dried figs contain copper enzyme and the presence of this enzyme makes it very beneficial for treating your grey hair.  You can use fig paste on hair to maintain your hair color. Figs help in keeping your scalp hydrated and moisture as well. It can be used as a conditioner that keeps the hair texture smooth & removes tangles from the hair. Being a rich source of Vitamin A, C & E, etc. makes it a promoter of hair growth. - Best Dry Fruits for your Hair health


The king of dry fruit, almonds are packed with essential fatty acids, fibre and proteins which makes it always the preferred dry fruit when it comes to hair care.  It can prevent premature greying of your hair and maintain a smooth, healthy & strong hair texture. Almonds are a great supplement if you’re trying to replenish your hair’s nutrients.

Source: Best dry fruit for having healthy skin and hair


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