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Gluten free diet in the dried fruits and nuts

Gluten free diet in the dried fruits and nuts

What is food allergy?

Research by Helen West, RD (2017) under the title of “The 8 Most Common Food Allergies” showed that food allergies are the natural reaction of the human immune system to the consumed food. This allergy can be caused for the naturally presented materials in the food such as the derived protein or gluten from an allergen such as milk, eggs, fish, nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, or by adding additives such as sweeteners, dyes, flavorings, or preservative. Today, gluten free materials are considered a desired food choice.

The health department of Harvard University published an article under the title of “6 tips for managing food allergies“, according to the results of the article caused allergenic factors by additives include tartrazine, carmine, annatto, monosodium glutamate, spices, aspartame, and sulfides.

Symptoms of food allergies

Based on Ronald A Simon et al. research, under the title of “Allergic and asthmatic reactions to food additives” allergens can include urticaria, itchy skin, angioedema, cough, asthma, swelling of the tongue, mouth, or face, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, and itchy pimples. Food allergy is generally higher in children than in adults. Gluten free diet won’t cause such symbols in the body. - allergy-  symptoms

How to cope with food allergies?

  1. Allergenicity reduction of raw foods by physical, chemical, or genetic methods such as diet intervention to intervene and treat allergies;
  2. the strength increase of the immune system against allergens such as increased use of antioxidants;
  3. The use of natural foods as much as possible;
  4. Checking food label to detect the allergens and cautions about them;
  5. Not using the canned foods as much as possible;

Dried fruits, dried vegetables, and nuts of Foodlord brand have minimized the possibility of such allergies using natural methods of production, processing, and supply of the product and not using any additives.


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