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Symbol of fruits in Chinese customs

Fruits have a special symbol in Chinese customs. In Chinese decorative arts, flowers, fruits and trees depicted as different aspects of life. Fruits considered in almost all art forms in all cultures of the world, especially in Chinese culture. Fruits usually indicate abundance or harvest. Knowing the symbolic meaning of fruits enables you to better understand the message hidden in Chinese culture.

Peach is a symbol of love

Peach is one of the most popular fruit symbols in Chinese culture and it is a symbol of immortality. You know peaches are also as the fruit of paradise in many ancient Chinese myths about the eternal gods. Peaches associated with wealth, health, abundance and longevity. Peaches are famous as a symbol of love and marriage. In China, the “love luck” often referre to as the “peach blossoms luck”.

Grapes symbolize abundance

In Chinese culture, grapes symbolize the abundance of food, meaning the abundance of material wealth. Grapes represent the success and abundance that will reach one person in the near future. Therefore it is common to see grapes in Chinese homes. Grapes sometimes use as a healing symbol for fertility as well as to turn bad luck into good luck.

Pomegranates increase fertility

Because pomegranate is full of juicy seeds, it is a symbol of fertility in Chinese culture and use as a fertility treatment. Pomegranate is also a symbol of happiness in the family as well as good luck for children.

Pineapple comes with chance

In Chinese, the sound of the word “pineapple” is close to “good luck coming your way” so pineapple has become a traditional Chinese cultural symbol that symbolizes wealth, luck and prosperity.

Apples promise peace

Apples have always associate with peace, health and harmony at home. One of the reasons for this is that in Chinese the word “apple” sounds like the word “peace”. Red apples consider very auspicious and more attractive, although green and golden/yellow apples also widely use due to their color characteristics.

Orange symbolizes purity and freshness

The popularity of oranges in traditional Chinese culture is associated with a symbol of purity and freshness. Having 9 oranges in the living room or kitchen is recommended for success and happiness. Citrus fruits are believed to repel bad luck, which is why oranges with tangerines and lemons are often used in traditional Chinese programs.

Ref: Symbolism of fruits in Chinese customs


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