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Diabetes and Dried Fruits in its Diet

What type of healthy diet can we have with dried fruits for diabetes? Diabetes has three main types including type 1, type 2, and gestational which is made by the disability to produce insulin in the body, disability to use the produced insulin in the body, or the combination of them. The consumed sugar is carried in the blood and the body can’t take this sugar from the blood. Therefore, the sugar is accumulated in the blood and makes diseases. What important in diabetes treatment is our diet as to intake less sugar. dried fruits

Are Dried Fruit Good for Diabetics?

Types of diabetes

Diabetes type I

In diabetes type I no insulin is produced which is known as juvenile diabetes because of the autoimmune diseases that attack the beta cells. Insulin is a hormone that uses blood sugar to produce energy and normalizes the glucose levels in the blood. The symptoms of diabetes type I are blurry vision, hunger, weight loss, frequent urination, drowsiness, fatigue, and thirst.

The best fruits and dried fruits for type 2 diabetics

Diabetes type II

Diabetes type II resists the produced insulin in the body, which means that the body cannot use the secreted insulin efficiently and the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar levels. Therefore, the insulin is accumulated in the body and brings high blood sugar. Diabetes type II is known as adult-onset diabetes because is more popular in adults. The symptoms of this disease include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, slow-healing sores, frequent infections, itchy hands, and darkened skin.

Gestational diabetes

Some hormones are produced in the body during pregnancy that blocks the performance of insulin. Therefore, this type of diabetes occurs only in the pregnancy period. The symptoms of the disease include an extra sense of thirst and hunger, blurry vision, fatigue, drowsiness, frequent urination, and slow-healing wounds. This disease can be treated by diet and exercise.

Can Diabetics Eat Dried Fruit?

There is no cure for diabetes type I because insulin is not produced in the body. The only way is to have an insulin diet and have less sugar intake and exercise. The symptoms of old diabetes include heart disease, stroke, kidney disorder, foot ulcers, and eye problems. For diabetes type II, there is no specific cure but activities such as a good diet and exercise can help to control blood sugar.

It is concluded that there is no specific cure for all types of diabetes and just considering the specific and proper diet and exercise are suggested. Therefore, the eaten foods by diabetics are very important. Fresh and dried fruits and vegetables can be a good suggestion for diabetics because they are natural and decrease the sugar in the blood. In addition, having vegan and vegetarian diet and take a great amount of fruits and vegetables can control diabetes type II.

Foodlord Company provides the dried fruits, dried vegetables, and nuts. These materials are full of vitamins and minerals with no added-sugar. Therefore the natural amount of sugar in them can be a part of the suitable diet for all types of diabetes. Therefore, the products of Foodlord brand are suggested to diabetes.


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