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History and Types of Modern Banana

Banana is the world’s fourth largest crop and has different types and history. In India, banana is used in many Hindu festivals and occasions. In South Indian weddings, especially Tamil weddings, banana trees are tied in pairs and in the shape of an arch as a symbol of a long life together for the couple. In Thailand, it is believed that a certain type of banana plant lives in the form of a soul. In Malay folklore, a ghost known as Pontianac is associated with banana plants and is said to live on the banana plant.

Bananas grow best in hot, humid climates and are mostly imported from Central America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ecuador. Bananas come in a variety of colors, sizes, firmness and flavors. There are more than 1000 different types of bananas, about half of which are inedible.

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Benefits of dried banana

Where is the original origin of banana fruit?

Some believe that the origin of bananas in Southeast Asia is in the forests of Malaysia, Indonesia or the Philippines, where many types of wild bananas grow today. The banana trade began in the late fourteenth century. The development of railways and technological advances in glacial maritime transport have subsequently enabled bananas to be transported more easily and quickly to various markets around the world.

Different types of banana

Cavendish banana

Cavendish bananas are “typical” bananas found in a variety of local grocery stores. They are slightly sweet and have a creamy texture. They have different stages of ripening, from green to yellow, to yellow with brown spots. They grow all over Central America, and their production is essential to the economies of these regions.

Pisang Raja

Pisang Raja banana is popular in Indonesia. They have a yellow to orange color and their taste is sweet like honey, with a smooth and creamy consistency. They are slightly shorter than Cavendish bananas and average 10 to 15 cm.

Red banana

As the name implies, red banana has a reddish-purple skin. They have light pink flesh and are much sweeter and softer than Cavendish bananas. They also have a raspberry-like taste that makes them delicious and popular.


Plantain is a subgroup of bananas that is used in cooking. They have a high starch content and are commonly used in salty foods. They are not usually consumed raw. Plantain is a staple food in West and Central Africa, the Caribbean and Central America.

Lady Finger banana

Lady Finger banana is sweeter and smaller than Cavendish banana. They are usually about seven centimeters long and have a creamy texture and sweet taste.

Health benefits of dried banana

Eating snack during the day can be a great way to prevent hunger. But some snacks endanger our health. Dried banana is a more natural alternative to potato chips. Dried banana is a good source of some essential vitamins, especially magnesium. Your body needs magnesium to produce energy, cell-to-cell communication and DNA synthesis, which is an important part of cell growth.

Ref: History and Types of Modern Banana


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