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History of strawberry and its types

In this article we talk about history of strawberry and its types. The strawberry is a genus of Fragaria and is native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and its types widely cultivate around the world. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and is usually use fresh as a dessert or in a variety of sweets and also it is popular because of its aroma, color, juicy texture and sweetness.

Dried strawberry is one of best Food Lord dried fruits. This dried fruit has high quality and produce without additives such as sugar. Food Lord, as a producer and supplier of dried fruits and nuts, has variety of products that use in the cooking and confectionery industries.

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Top 5 health benefits of dried strawberry

History of strawberry and its types

Where does strawberry come from?

Strawberry originated in Europe in the 18th century. Most countries developed different types during the nineteenth century, depending on the climate, day length, altitude, or type of production required in a particular region. Strawberries produce both commercially and for immediate consumption and for processing as frozen, canned, dried or as a juice. Because strawberries are so perishable, they should store in a cool, dry place.

Different types of strawberry

When was strawberry first discovered?

Historians believe that the strawberry plant was first discovered in ancient Rome in 234 BC and was commonly used for medicinal purposes. Europeans first discovered strawberries in 1588 in the United States.

The strawberry plant, which is native to North America, was superior to all European varieties in size, taste and beauty. Many new varieties developed in North America in the 1700s, which developed from the breeding of American and European varieties. California produces 80 percent of the strawberries consumed in North America.

June-bearing strawberry

This is one of the most common varieties grown in June, which yields more in 2 to 3 weeks than other varieties. It often bears fruit in June, hence the name June-bearing. Of course, in hot climates, the harvest is done earlier and in colder regions, the harvest starts later.

Everbearing strawberry

Everbearing strawberries have few crops, but can start flowering as soon as they are exposed to 12 hours of sunlight. It also continues to bear fruit until late summer, so you can wait for months to eat fresh strawberries.

Day-neutral strawberry

This type of strawberry has three separate fruiting periods, which include early June, mid-July and late August, which allows you to enjoy these strawberries for a long time.

Alpine strawberry

This species is the same as Day-neutral, but with much larger fruits that have many roots and are very resistant to disease.

Top strawberry producing countries in 2019

  1. China 3,041,560.00 tons
  2. United States 1,302,743.00 tons
  3. Mexico 681,965.00 tons
  4. Turkey 448,162.00 tons
  5. Egypt 373,350.00 tons
  6. Spain 357,784.00 tons
  7. South Korea 212,417.00 tons
  8. Poland 193,206.00 tons
  9. Russia 189,976.00 tons
  10. Japan 160,965.00 tons

Strawberry production in Iran

In Iran, more than 20,000 tons of strawberries are produced annually, of which Mazandaran, Golestan and Kurdistan provinces are the three main production areas. Bahnamir city in Mazandaran where the first place in Iran that strawberry harvest. Aliabad-e-Katul, Azadshahr and Ramian in Golestan province are famous cities for producing strawberry. Kurdistan with a production of more than 16,000 tons per year, located in northwestern Iran, is the largest strawberry production region in Iran which Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Mariwan and Sarvabad being the largest strawberry producers, respectively.

Nutrition fact of strawberries in 100 g

  • Calories 32
  • Total fat 0.3 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 1 mg
  • Potassium 153 mg
  • Carbohydrates 7.7 g
  • Fiber 2 g
  • Sugar 4.9 g
  • Protein 0.7 g

Health benefits of strawberry

Strawberry is potentially rich in antioxidants that can help improve your heart health, lower your blood pressure, as well as help your brain function better, improve eye and skin health, prevent arthritis and gout. The polyphenolic content of strawberry is beneficial for improving the immune system and reducing the symptoms of premature aging.

Dried strawberry

Dried strawberry, like fresh varieties, have an extraordinary taste in addition to antioxidant properties. Strawberries are one of the most popular and healthiest fruits on the planet, but because their fresh variety is highly perishable, dried strawberry is a good choice for year-round use.

Food Lord dried strawberry has high quality and pleasant taste. Enjoy our delicious dried strawberries as a healthy snack.


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