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What is IFS Certification Standard in Food Industry?

IFS (International Featured Standard) certification standard is a type of global food safety initiative (GFSI) standard to audit food productions. This standard aims at food safety and quality of processes and products. It is about food processing companies and about primary and loose packing to detect hazards.

IFS food certification is used in food industries. It aims at ensuring the entire supply chain to increase food safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

IFS standard certification scope

As IFS standard says, IFS food standard is used to audit food manufacturers regarding food safety and quality of processes and products. The list of requirements includes:

  • Senior management responsibility
  • Quality management system
  • Food safety management system
  • Resources management
  • Planning and production process
  • Measurements, analysis, improvements
  • Food defense

Why to use IFS?

IFS is one of the specific standards to increase food safety in the supply chain and mainly concerns about hazard detection in processing and packaging. IFS standard is used in the industry because of establishing a common standard with a uniform evaluation system, working with accredited certification bodies and qualified auditors approved for IFS foods, ensuring comparability and transparency in the whole supply chain, and reducing costs and time for manufacturers and retailers. The producers of dried fruits and nuts can get an IFS certificate to increase the credit of their products and packages.

The benefits of IFS standard certification

Like other standards, IFS is beneficial because it both reduces costs and time and increases food safety in the supply chain, and provides high-quality foods to the customers. Therefore, considering the requirements of this standard and getting this certificate can increase the reputation of the food manufacturer and the health of products. These benefits generally are as follows:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Competitive advantages in the market
  3. Higher food safety
  4. Improved understanding between management and staff relating to good practices, standards, and procedures
  5. Monitoring the compliance with food regulations
  6. More effective use of resources
  7. Independent third-party audits
  8. High flexibility through individuals’ implementation due to the risk-based approach

Foodlord the high quality dried fruits, dried vegetables, and nuts by following the requirements of IFS standard.

Ref: What is IFS Certification Standard in Food Industry?


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